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Chevrolet Enjoy Models & Specifications

At Chevrolet, we have always stayed true to our roots, offering customers high-quality vehicles with safety and efficiency at the forefront. As we continue to evolve and grow as a brand, our services remain available at your local dealership, even for our discontinued models.  

Chevrolet Enjoy Specification

Chevrolet Enjoy Engine: Chevrolet Enjoy diesel comes with a 1248cc engine, four cylinders inline, 4 Valves/Cylinder, DOHC. And Chevrolet Enjoy comes with 1399cc engine, four cylinders inline, 4 Valves/Cylinder, DOHC

Chevrolet Enjoy Mileage: Chevrolet Enjoy Diesel is 18.2 kmpl | Chevrolet Enjoy Petrol is 13.7 kmpl.

Chevrolet Enjoy Seating Capacity: The Chevrolet Enjoy  comes with 7(2+2+3)-seater and 8-seater(2+3+3) variants

Chevrolet Enjoy Mpv Interiors: The richly appointed luxurious dual-tone interiors, wood-finish AC vents and door trim inserts of the Chevrolet Enjoy lend a premium feel to it. Packed with similar Chevrolet Enjoy specifications, it is undeniably distinguishable from other cars in its class.  

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] 

1. Is there an automatic transmission version available in Chevrolet Enjoy?

Chevrolet Enjoy comes with a manual transmission system. As of now, it is not available with automatic transmission.

2. What are the variants of Chevrolet Enjoy?

These are the Chevrolet Enjoy variants available:

    •    Chevrolet Enjoy 1.4 LS 8

    •    Chevrolet Enjoy 1.4 LS 7

    •    Chevrolet Enjoy 1.4 LT 8

    •    Chevrolet Enjoy 1.4 LT 7

    •    Chevrolet Enjoy 1.3 TCDi LS 8

    •    Chevrolet Enjoy 1.3 TCDi LS 7

    •    Chevrolet Enjoy 1.4 LTZ 8

    •    Chevrolet Enjoy 1.4 LTZ 7

    •    Chevrolet Enjoy 1.3 TCDi LT 8

    •    Chevrolet Enjoy 1.3 TCDi LT 7

    •    Chevrolet Enjoy 1.3 TCDi LTZ 8

    •    Chevrolet Enjoy 1.3 TCDi LTZ 7





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