Engine: Oil pump, crankshaft, dampner/pulley, connecting rods, piston, pins and rings, valves, cylinder block/liners, cylinder head, cylinder head gasket, main and big end bearings, con rod bearings, camshaft, arms and rocker shaft, tappet, timing gears, tensioners, inlet and exhaust manifolds, cranks and cam shaft oil seals, water pump, radiator asm, thermostat asm – engine cool, sensor, actuators, turbo charger.

Manual Transmission: Internal components include transmission housing, gears, shafts and transfer gears.

Automatic Gearbox: Internal components include transmission housing, shafts, gears, oil pumps, valve, drive plate, transfer gears.

Front & Rear Wheel Drives: Gears, differential units, wheel bearings, axle ahafts, CV joints (those with boot damages are NOT covered).

Propeller shaft: Propeller shaft and universal joints.

Steering: Steering column, steering rack, power steering pump, knuckles.

Braking System: Master cylinder, brake booster, diesel – vacuum pump, slave cylinder, wheel cylinder.

Fuel System: Mechanical and electrical fuel pumps, fuel distributor, cold start valve, canister, fuel injection pump.

Air Conditioning: Compressor, condenser, evaporator, thermister, TXV, Heater core, AC switch, control valve and fan motor.

Electrical System: Started motor and solenoid switch, alternator, rectifier, distributor, ignition coil, cooling fan motor, combination switch, ignition switch, relays, thermostat switch, speedometer, oil pressure switch, temperature gauge, fuel gauge, speed sensor, ECM, wiper motor, horn plate, blower motor, cluster, sensors of engine management system.


  1. Normal maintenance services such as engine tune up, adjustment of drive belts and linkages on clutch, brake and accelerator pedals, engine oil and oil filter changes, coolant and inhibitor topping – up and/or changes, adjustment of suspension, wheel alignment, cleaning of fuel system and its adjustments, lubrication and lubricants replenishment and/ or changes, checking and focusing of light, servicing of starter-motor, alternator, upkeep of electrical connections and cables, torqueing of fasteners on body or chassis, tightening operations, tyre rotation & wheel balancing, door adjustments.
  2. Normal maintenance service replacement items like brake pads and shoes, brake disc and drum, power unit mountings, wiper blades and linkage cables, all rubber items, hoses and pipes, drive – line mountings, springs, spark plugs, lamp bulbs, fuses, motor brushes, contact points and arms, regulator machine, all filter elements, all gaskets and packing (except cylinder head gasket), all belts, batteries, tyres and tubes.
  3. All those parts, which are not mentioned in the Parts Covered List.
  4. Any vehicle that has been used for competition or racing or modified in any way or used for hire, reward or commercial usage.
  5. Any repairs or replacement required as a result of accident or collision damage.
  6. Warranty will seize to operate in case of accident.
  7. Any defects caused by misuse, negligence, abnormal use, insufficient care, or the use of spurious parts.
  8. Any vehicle, which has been altered including, without limitation, the installation of performance accessories.
  9. Any vehicle on which parts or accessories not approved by manufacturer has been used.
  10. Any vehicle, which has not been operated in accordance with the operating instructions in the manufacturer’s owner manual.
  11. Insignificant defects, which do not affect the functions of the vehicle without limitations including sound, vibration and fluid seepage.
  12. Any natural wear and tear without limitation including ageing etc.
  13. Body work and parts, paint, glass, interior and exterior trims; in car entertainment/communication systems, connected equipment/exhaust systems, catalytic converter/normal wear and tear/service items and other components subject to routine maintenance or period repair and replacement.
  14. Replacement of air bags for whatsoever cause.
  15. Damage to engine while driving in water logged condition or entry of water in to engine.
  16. Damage caused by retro fitment of CNG/LPG Kit.


  1. Vehicles, which are up to 24 months old only from the date of first sale, are eligible for this optional extended warranty product and the vehicle sale invoice shall be conclusive proof of same.
  2. Vehicles owned, temporary or otherwise, by a business formed for the purpose of selling or servicing motor vehicles are excluded. Extended Warranty will only become effective when the Registration Form and payment in full has been accepted by Warranty Partner who reserves the right to decline any form.
  3. Optional Extended Warranty has no surrender value, no refund of cost is available, and it cannot be cancelled.
  4. No liability will be accepted for any mechanical and electrical breakdown claim notified to Warranty Partner more than 14 days after the relevant fault has become apparent. No repairs may be undertaken or commenced under the terms unless explicitly authorized by means for a claims authority number in respect of agreed liability. No liabilities will exist regard to any claims not authorized in this way. All claims must be supported by the relevant documentation. Warranty Partner reserves the right to examine the vehicle and subject it to expert assessment and to nominate a repairer. The result of the assessment will determine the liability subject to the claimable limits subject to jurisdiction of Delhi courts only.
  5. Services must be completed at the correct time/s and mileage/s. The beneficiary must retain all the service invoices and relevant receipts. Failure to service the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule will render the Extended Warranty invalid.
  6. The mileage quoted in no way guarantees the true distances covered by the vehicle and is indicated only as a guide to when servicing is due. Failure to maintain the odometer, mileage recorder in working order or disconnecting it or tampering with it will invalidate Extended Warranty.
  7. No liability will be accepted for damage caused by neglect, corrosion, intrusion of foreign or deleterious matter, lack of servicing, overheating, freezing or abuse by the continued use of vehicle after a fault has become evident; or for consequential loss on the failure of parts not covered by Extended Warranty.
  8. No liability will be accepted for any failure due to wear and tear, components incorrectly fitted, faulty or defective at the time of sale, or faulty manufacture/design and alterations/modifications from the manufacturer’s specification.
  9. If it shall be established following the receipt of the claim that the conditions of Extended Warranty as laid down have not been fully complied with, then it is hereby expressly agreed and declared that the Warranty Partner shall be released from all liability for that particular claim.
  10. If the beneficiary and/or the authorized dealer undertakes a claim, knowing the claim to be false and/or fraudulent as regards the value or the amount of work or cause of failure of otherwise, this Extended Warranty shall be deemed to be invalid and the right to prosecute is reserved. Failure to comply with these formalities and conditions may lead to a refusal to pay the claim.
  11. Extended Warranty not applicable for vehicle meant for commercial use.
  12. All disputes/differences regarding claim settlement, arising for whatsoever reason shall be subject to jurisdiction of Delhi courts only.