For Customers-

1. Have your vehicle inspected & serviced only at CSIPL authorized service network as per the periodic maintenance schedule services given in the owner's manual.

2. Have your vehicles repaired at the earliest for any defect or damage detected during normal use, before it gets serious if unattended, only at CSIPL authorized service network.

3. CSIPL reserves the right to withdraw, suspend and/ or modify the Chevrolet Promise at any point of time at its sole discretion.

Exclusions – Chevrolet Promise

1. Running repairs/wear and tear of parts like brake pads, wiper blade, rubber set, clutch plate, pressure plate, clutch actuating cylinder, bulbs & fuses etc.

2. Repairs arising due to accident, external damage, natural calamities like earthquake, storm/hail storm, floods/ waterlogged roads and damage caused by chemicals/salts/stone chippings , scratches or any other external circumstances like external mechanical or chemical influences.

3. Tyre and Battery replacement.

4. Car Care/detailing products as mentioned below and similar to such categories

4.1. Exterior paint protection and polishing treatments.

4.2. Interior fabric / leather cleaning and protection treatments.

4.3. Plastic / Vinyl parts polishing / protection treatments.

4.4. Antirust treatments of underbody and wheel arches.

4.5. Caring wax treatment of various body parts & Engine Compartment.

4.6. Radiator flush, engine flush and engine decarbonizing treatments.

4.7. Additives used for Engine oil, transmission oil and fuel.

5. Accessories installation including, installation of any spare parts got fitted on the vehicle to upgrade the specifications of the vehicle as originally sold to the first owner.

6. Repairs arising due to improper or wrong maintenance and in deviation with guidelines mentioned in Owner’s Manual

7. Repairs arising due to modifications/alterations on vehicle not authorized by CSIPL. Use of non-genuine parts, accessories and fluids (Oils, coolant and brake fluid etc.).

8. Repairs not performed by CSIPL authorized service network.

9. Repairs beyond 3 years / 40000 Km* (whichever occurs first from the date of delivery) of new vehicle. *For Cruze 3 years / 45,000 Km (Whichever is earlier).

10. If any scheduled maintenance and /or repair service package is offered free of cost at any stage of the vehicle ownership, the value of the same will not be considered as part of total maintenance cost of the vehicle.

11. If any Extended Optional Warranty package is purchased by the customer at any stage of the vehicle ownership, the cost of the same will not be considered as part of the total maintenance cost of the vehicle.

12. If repairs/replacement of parts is done at the request of the customer, irrespective of the repair or replacement not being required without the performance of the vehicle being affected in the opinion of CSIPL / authorized dealers, the cost of such repairs/ replacements will not be considered as part of the total maintenance cost of the vehicle.

13. Any incidental expenses, costs and/ or loss incurred by the customer for the purpose of maintenance/ repair on occasions of maintenance like cost of conveyance and such other related expenses shall not be considered as cost of maintenance as per Chevrolet Promise.

14. Abuse or failures due to driving habits

15. Failure to have the required periodic inspection and required service performed as per the Periodic Maintenance Schedule.

16. Damage which should have been detected during normal usage but became serious when left unattended to and/or the owner of the vehicle having failed to claim and having rectified a defect which was already apparent during vehicle delivery, immediately after delivery or a defect which becomes apparent at a later date immediately after it became apparent.

17. Fuel system damage caused by water or other foreign matter in the fuel system.

18. Damage caused by running vehicle on adulterated fuel/lubricants or fuel/lubricants other than those specified by CSIPL.

19. Damage caused by usage of any non-recommended oil additive / engine flushing agent for the vehicle.

Ineligibility conditions

1. Tampering with Vehicle Identification numbers like Chassis/ Engine Numbers or odometer will result in disqualification of said vehicle from this Chevrolet Promise.

2. Any vehicle purchased as a taxi under the special excise concessions or/and registered as a tourist taxi with the Transport Authorities, vehicles being used for commercial purposes.

3. Usage of vehicle in competition, motor sports, transportation of persons, goods, on hire as taxi, self-driven car rentals or driving schools.

4. This Chevrolet Promise is applicable to the first owner of the vehicle and does not apply to second and subsequent owners of the vehicle.

5. This Chevrolet Promise shall not be applicable to vehicles used for any illegal purpose.

6. This Chevrolet Promise would not be applicable if any service is performed other than from a CSIPL authorized service network even if performed within the eligibility period of the Chevrolet Promise.

What the Owner must do in order to be eligible for this Chevrolet Promise?

1. Keep all repair bills/ invoices in safe place to submit the same to Chevrolet Sales India Pvt. Ltd. (Chevrolet Sales India Pvt. Ltd., Surinder Jhakhar Bhavan, IFFCO Complex, Plot No. 3, Tower B, 3rd & 4th Floor, Gurgaon-122001, Haryana, India), in the unlikely event, that you may have to make a claim for refund of excess amount spent over and above the maximum amount committed by CSIPL, for the respective vehicle model, on the repair and maintenance jobs under the scope of this Chevrolet Promise.

2. If after 3 Years / 40000 Km* (whichever occurs first from the date of new vehicle delivery to the first owner), in case any need arises make the claim request for refund of excess amount spent by giving complete details of the vehicle and relevant expenses on the prescribed format, which can be obtained from authorized service network. *For Cruze 3 years / 45,000 Km (Whichever is earlier).

3. In the event of refund of excess amount spent, customer has to provide in a prescribed Claim Form available with authorized service network. No claim form shall be entertained after a period of 30 days of lapse of 3 years / 40,000 Km* (whichever is earlier). *For Cruze 3 years / 45,000 Km (Whichever is earlier).