Terms and Conditions

CSIPL reserves the right to withdraw, suspend and/ or modify the Chevrolet Promise Retail Scheme at any point of time at its sole discretion.


The following are not covered by Chevrolet Promise Retail Scheme:

1. Repairs arising due to accident, external damage, natural calamities like earthquake, storm/hail storm, floods/waterlogged roads and damage caused by chemicals/salts/stone chippings, scratches or any other external circumstances like external mechanical or chemical influences.

2. Tyre and Battery replacement.

3. Car Care/detailing products including but not limited to as detailed below:

3.1. Exterior paint protection and polishing treatments.

3.2. Interior fabric / leather cleaning and protection treatments.

3.3. Plastic / Vinyl parts polishing / protection treatments.

3.4. Antirust treatments of underbody and wheel arches.

3.5. Caring wax treatment of various body parts & Engine Compartment.

3.6. Radiator flush, engine flush and engine decarbonising treatments.

3.7. Additives used for Engine oil, transmission oil and fuel.

4. Accessories installation including, installation of any spare parts got fitted on the vehicle to upgrade the specifications of the vehicle as originally sold to the first owner.

5. Repairs arising due to improper or wrong maintenance as specified in the owner’s manual of the vehicle.

6. Repairs arising due to modifications/alterations on vehicle not authorized by CSIPL, use of non-genuine parts, accessories and fluids (Oils, coolant and brake fluid etc.).

7. Repairs not performed by CSIPL authorized service network.

8. Repairs beyond 3 years / 40000 Kms (For Cruze 3 Years/45000 kms) (whichever occurs first from the first date of delivery) of new vehicle.

9. If repairs/replacement of parts is done at the request of the customer, irrespective of the repair or replacement not being required without the performance of the vehicle being affected in the opinion of CSIPL / authorized dealers/ authorized service outlets, the cost of such repairs/ replacements will not be considered under this scheme.

10. Any incidental expenses, costs and/ or loss incurred by the customer for the purpose of maintenance/ repair on occasions of maintenance like cost of conveyance and such other related expenses shall not be considered under this Scheme.

11. Abuse or failures due to driving habits

12. Fuel system damage caused by water or other foreign matter in the fuel system.

13. Damage caused by running vehicle on adulterated fuel/lubricants or fuel/lubricants other than those specified by CSIPL.

14. Damage caused by usage of any non-recommended oil additive / engine flushing agent for the vehicle.

Ineligibility Conditions.

Customer shall have no right to any benefit under this scheme if any of the following occur:

1. Tampering with Vehicle Identification numbers like Chassis/ Engine Numbers or odometer will result in disqualification of said vehicle.

2. Usage of the said vehicle in competitions and motor sports events.

3. The vehicles are used for any illegal purpose.

4. If any service is performed other than from a CSIPL authorized service network even if performed within the eligibility period of this Scheme.