At Chevrolet India our priority is to be your committed partner as we keep our customers at the center of everything we do. We have an appropriate number of operational authorized service operations in the country, which assist customers and cater to their urgent needs.

Chevrolet India maintains its service network across key locations in the country, with staff trained to take care of vehicle maintenance and repair, and providing spare parts for your Chevrolet. We continue to honor original Chevrolet vehicle warranty as well as with the 24/7 Chevrolet’s Roadside Assistance. For any questions regarding support for your Chevrolet, please contact your nearest Chevrolet Service Operation or our Customer Assistance Team  at 1-800-3000-8080 or email


What's your plan to support customers whose vehicles are currently under warranty?

Chevrolet India has maintained a service network across key locations with staff trained to take care of all the needs of your Chevrolet for repair and maintenance. We continue to support Chevrolet customers with prompt service and smooth supply of spare parts while honoring all warranties.

How will I get spare parts if I need them and how can I get my Chevrolet serviced?

We are continuing to provide service to our domestic Chevrolet customers through a network of Chevrolet Authorized Service Operations (ASO). The ASOs have staff trained to take care of all the service needs of Chevrolet vehicles for maintenance and repair. Currently we have a network of ~180 Chevrolet ASOs in operation across key locations.

We continue supporting Chevrolet customers with service and spare parts and honoring warranties.

What value is there in keeping my Chevrolet car?

We stand by our vehicles. Chevrolet customers can be rest assured that the customer support center remains open and all warranties and service agreements as well as ongoing service and parts requirements for all vehicles continue to be honored.

I need help. Who should I call?

Our customer care center provides support to all customers who might have questions pertaining to their vehicle and service needs. You can also call 1-800-3000-8080 or email us at

How do I find my nearest ASO/ Service operation?

You can either visit our website at or call 1800 -3000- 8080 or email us at

How long will the warranty of my car be honored?

Please visit our website for Vehicle warranty details or refer to your owners manual. Chevrolet would honor all warranties.