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Sleek in stature yet boasting a powerful 186.5 PS Diesel engine, the 2015 Captiva possesses both the contemporary charms of a car built for the city and the functionality of an SUV. Add an incredibly spacious cabin, state-of-the-art technology and advanced safety features, and you have Captiva — the perfect companion for the modern urban traveler.

Chevrolet Captiva Compact SUV 2015
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The 2015 Captiva is both stylish and sporty. Sculpted lines that converge with the iconic dual-grill in front are further complimented by gleaming chrome trim. Each carefully crafted detail reflects the sophistication and elegance that is Captiva.

  • Chevrolet Captiva SUV Exteriors
    Tough good looks, all-wheel-drive and room for seven for any adventure
  • Captiva Mid-Size SUV Exteriors
    Performance and fuel economy combined to give you a powerful, yet smooth, ride
  • Captiva Compact SUV Exteriors
    Under the hood is a choice of two engines designed for performance and fuel economy
  • Chevrolet Captiva Compact SUV Exteriors
    Follow the road wherever it takes you and leave the others behind
Chevrolet Captiva SUV Side Mirror
Chevrolet Captiva SUV Head Lamp

LED signal lamp

The integrated LED turn signal lamp on Captiva rear view mirror helps enhance your visibility to other road users, not only keeping you safe but adding a touch of style to every turn.

Projector Headlamps

Stylish new headlamps beautifully compliment the distinctive front grille, while the fog lamps provide additional safety by ensuring crystal clear visibility of the road ahead as you set out on your new expedition.


In today’s fast paced world, connectivity is becoming an expectation. The technological features of Captiva are designed to not only meet that demand, but also to simplify and entertain on every drive.

The ionizer is a new feature for Chevrolet. It purifies air in the vehicle by significantly reducing bacteria, odor and smoke. With fresher and cleaner air, it provides you with maximum comfort when on the road, whether you are hustling, whether you are hustling through city streets or cruising up-country.

Captiva Compact SUV Ionizer

New LCD Cluster Panel

The upgraded cluster panel is framed by a luxurious chrome bezel. The LCD screen showcases car and engine information for a worry free drive.

Chevrolet Captiva SUV Speedometer

Dual Climate Control System

The Dual Climate Control System allows the driver and the rear seated passengers to regulate their airflow independently from each other, delivering customized comfort for all passengers.

  • Chevrolet Captiva SUV Climate Control
    Dual Climate Control System

Make room for the best things in life

Beauty can be found in the details. With Captiva, you don’t have to look that hard. The jet black leather interior is complimented by a wood-patterned trim that adds a touch of elegance. The customizable seating arrangement reflects the versatility of Captiva, allowing you the freedom and space that you deserve.

  • Captiva Compact SUV Interiors
Chevrolet Captiva SUV Flexi-Seating

Tired of one size fitting all? What if you could actually have it your way? Well you can, with Captiva. Enjoy the freedom that comes with seven fully adjustable seats that can be configured
to accommodate any situation. Innovative 5+2 Flexi Seating Configuration makes the Captiva incredibly spacious while giving you ample space to relax.

Chevrolet Captiva

Captiva is extremely versetile, Adaptive All-Wheel Drive (AWD) matches your flexible nature. A torque-sensing Electronically Controlled Coupling allows engine torque to be automatically redirected to individual axles, justifying the driving conditions, hence making the drivability and handling of the Captiva AWD above average. Enjoy the simplicity of city driving with the 2-wheel drive option, or choose the better traction that comes with the 4-wheel drive option for all the obstacles you will face off the beaten path.

Chevrolet Captiva SUV 2015
Chevrolet Captiva SUV 2015
Chevrolet Captiva SUV 2015

For driving off-road and on uneven terrain.

Increased torque on the front wheels provides better traction when driving slippery roads.

For day-to-day driving


Captiva delivers optimum performance, no matter what your engine preference. And you can choose the best fit for your driving style with the option of either an automatic or a manual 6-speed transmission. The 2.2L four cylinder diesel engine with high-pressure common rail and integrated turbo charging technology delivers 186.5 PS power and 400 Nm torque for those powerful and adrenaline-pumping drives.

Chevrolet Captiva SUV Diesel Engine

Feel confident on every journey, thanks to the comprehensive and innovative safety features of Captiva

Captiva Compact SUV ABS


Our Hill Descent Control (HDC) technology makes the engine and brakes work in harmony when driving downhill for a smoother, safer and more controlled descent.


Captiva mid-size SUV features pre-tensioner seatbelts that help reduce the effect of movement that passengers are exposed to during a collision by automatically tightening the seatbelts at the moment of impact. The vehicle is also equipped with six airbags. The two front airbags serve to soften the force of a collision, while the additional side and curtain airbags that run along both sides of the vehicle’s interior help to ensure the protection of all passengers.

Chevrolet Captiva SUV Dual Airbags
Chevrolet Captiva SUV Disk Break


Captiva has a wide range of stability control features to help with the balance of the vehicle, in order to optimize both safety and performance. The Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) prevents wheels from locking during sudden or forceful braking, allowing the driver to keep better control while performing emergency stops and when taking tight corners. The Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) automatically calculates and applies the correct amount of braking pressure to each wheel to maximize stopping power and maintain control when braking. The Traction Control System (TCD) acts to regain control when traction on the road surface is lost, while the Electronic Stablility Program (ESP) prevents your Chevrolet SUV from skidding out of control by applying brake pressure to the wheels that need it and by limiting engine power when necessary.


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