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Max. Seating:

Max. Seating:
7 - 10

Max. Torque

Max. Torque





Turbo Engine

Turbo Engine

Chevrolet Tavera
Makes Every Journey Comfortable.

The Chevrolet Tavera Neo 3 has been designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. Staying true to Chevrolet’s design mantra of ‘strength and style’, the car has a sleek, suave metal exterior that will turn heads, win hearts and pump up your adrenaline.

Optimum Mileage

The 2.5 l Turbo engine is tried, tested and reliable, and is based on Isuzu’s technology. The direct injection technology gives it more power, more mileage and reduced emissions. It has good low end torque for high load carrying capabilities.

Turbo BS3

New Beige Tone Interiors and Luxurious Features

  • Chevrolet Tavera - Spacious and soft seats to make your drive comfortable
    Luxurious Dual Tone Interiors
  • Chevrolet Tavera - Well-designed cockpit with easy access to controls
    Well-designed cockpit with easy access to controls.
  • Chevrolet Tavera - Everything you need to know at just a quick glance
    Everything you need to know at just a quick glance.
  • Chevrolet Tavera - Dual tone interiors for a spacious feel
    Fabric insert on door trims

Get inside the all-new Tavera Neo 3 and get ready to be experience comfort like it was meant to be experienced. The Chevrolet Tavera Neo 3 is packed with features that enhance your comfort and convenience. It has abundant space, with seating for up to 10 occupants, and beige tone interiors which add to the overall comfort on those long drives.

Front and rear power windows provide added comfort and convenience.

A 3-Spoke Steering Wheel lets you maneuver even the toughest roads with ease.

The Tavera Neo 3 is engineered to up the ante. The new instrument cluster design with night mode and an icy-blue illumination further increase the style quotient. The Audio System keeps you entertained while you enjoy a smooth drive. In addition, a roof antenna ensures crystal clear reception for your favourite radio stations.

Chevrolet Tavera - New Plush Interiors and Luxurious Features

Travel in comfort

The Chevrolet Tavera Neo 3 is built for comfort, especially across long distances. Comfortable seats, ample room and conveniences like a vanity mirror and coat hooks, among others, make your journey as enjoyable as the destination.

Experience comfort on the go with a convenient cup-holder in the central console, as well as a twin glove box which allows for added storage space, keeping all your belongings within reach.

In addition, there’s space for everyone in the family in this MUV. Simply arrange the seating to suit your needs.

The Tavera Ensures A Safe Drive For The Entire Family

  • Chevrolet Tavera - Tavera Safety Car Features
    Stylish front fog lamps provide added safety at night.

In addition to letting you enjoy a comfortable and empowering drive, we also had to make sure you feel safe at all times. So we designed a rugged passenger cell with crumple zones. And just to be doubly sure, we fitted it with side impact beams in all doors.

The all-weather capabilities of the Tavera Neo 3 are further enhanced by the rear windshield defogger, as well as new integrated fog lamps, making your every drive safe.

All front facing seats are equipped with seat belts to keep you and your family safe.

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