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Chevrolet Spark –
expressive design in a 5-door city car

The Chevrolet Spark combines expressive exterior design, a well-equipped interior and many smart features.

Compact on the outside, the Spark has a spacious cabin that seats up to 5 adults. With its high build-quality and clever design details, the Spark is among the safest, most comfortable and practical car in its class.

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The Stylish & Compact City Car

  • Drive safely in any weather with the stylish new fog lamps.
    Drive safely in any weather with the stylish new fog lamps.
  • The Chevrolet Spark with the stylish new Twin Port Grille.
    The Chevrolet Spark with the stylish new Twin Port Grille.
  • Stylish headlamps add to the dynamic exterior look.
    Stylish headlamps add to the dynamic exterior look.

The all new Chevrolet Spark inspires warmth and elegance with its strikingly crisp frame, which is both aerodynamic and unique. The Chevrolet Signature Twin Port Grille in the front boasts confidence and style, and highlights its impressive lineage inspired by cutting-edge design and technology. Its compact, well defined frame sports a number of eye-catching features, from attractive ‘Quotation Style’ headlamps and jewelled tail lamps to sleek satin-silver roof rails. The attention given to minute details, such as a jewel-like chrome finish around the grille and fog lamps indicate the care and passion with which the Spark has been designed. A unique and stylish revelation in its segment, the Spark sure knows how to make a lasting impression on everyone.

Aerodynamic Design

The Spark’s aerodynamic design improves fuel efficiency and makes it a sleek and modern-looking ride, making you stand out wherever you go.

Chevy New Spark
Chevrolet Spark Exterior

New Clear Glass Headlamps

Enjoy dazzlingly clear visibility at night with these attractive and distinctively shaped 'Quotation Style' headlamps, which give a unique identity to the Spark.

Stylish Rear Tail Lamps

The stylish tail lamps enhance the overall appeal of the exterior. They are optimally placed to provide high visibility and safety.

Chevrolet Spark - Satin-Silver roof rails

Satin-Silver Roof Rails

Unique to its segment, the all new Chevrolet Spark is equipped with satin-silver roof rails which highlight the overall compact design and complement its aerodynamic styling, making it a real head-turner.

Feel At Home Inside

  • New Spark Dual Tone Interior

The interior of the Chevrolet Spark carries forward the elegance and superior styling of its exterior. It is attractive and extremely spacious with sufficient headroom and legroom for both front and rear passengers. A number of convenient storage spaces add to the practicality and convenience of this vehicle.

Dual Tone Interiors & Optimax Cabin

The all new Chevrolet Spark now comes with Dual Tone interiors which further enhance the style quotient and premium feel of the vehicle. A combination of light and dark colours blends tastefully and extends the fresh and modern look of the Spark to the inside as well. A well balanced colour harmony makes the Chevrolet Spark appealing from every angle.

  • Chevrolet Spark - Well-designed dash board and instrument cluster
    Well-designed dash board and instrument cluster.

Silver Finish Dash And Decor

The silver painted dash and décor is sure to spark a tinge of envy. It blends perfectly with the Dual Tone interiors and adds to its sleek styling.
A high roofline and prudent interior design in the Chevrolet Spark ensure highly spacious headroom and legroom not just for front seat passengers, but also for anyone sitting in the rear seat.

The all new Chevrolet Spark boasts premium quality fabric and upholstery, inspired from Indian culture. The dark/light colour combination is accentuated with the use of fabric inserts in the door trims, which harmonize with the main colour palette to create a unique statement.

The instrument cluster in the centre perfectly incorporates the combination of light and dark colours, and sports a very modern wing inspired design for a fast paced and streamlined look. The Spark is also furnished with a variety of clever and practical storage spaces.

A Seamless And Efficient Drive

A Seamless And Efficient Drive

The Chevrolet Spark is your ideal companion on the road. Its innovative and noiseless SMARTECH Engine guarantees smooth drives even on less than perfect roads. Its remarkable fuel efficiency and superior technology ensure an unparalleled driving experience.

Next-Gen SMARTECH Engine

The advanced SMARTECH engine maximizes power and torque at lower speeds, making even a congested city drive as smooth as a long drive on the highway. The SMARTECH Engine is a Smart Technology Engine optimized with many new-age innovations like Sequential MPFI, Dual Distributor Less Ignition System (DDLI), Motorized Throttle Intake System (MTIS) and Advanced Optical Sensor. As a result, the engine operation is smooth, noiseless, fuel efficient, powerful, reliable and maintenance free.

Unmatched Fuel Efficiency

Fuel expenses will be the last thing on your mind when you’re on the road with your near and dear ones. The smooth and powerful engine of Spark gives you an incredible mileage. So go ahead experience a hassle-free and smooth drive.

Ease On The Go

  • Chevrolet Spark - Chevy Interior Features
    Everything you need to know at a glance.

The all new Chevrolet Spark boasts of smart styling and a wholehearted commitment towards comfort and convenience. A silver painted décor, headlight levellers, an integrated music system with USB and AUX inputs and a number of thoughtfully created storage spaces. The Spark comes fully loaded with features that make it stand out in its segment.

In Dash Audio System

A In Dash music system with an integrated CD/MP3 Player includes a USB port and auxiliary input jack to play your favourite music from any source of your choice.

Chevy Interior Features

Cup Holders & Door Map Pockets

The Chevrolet Spark is full of pleasant surprises. Smart utility spaces like this one make your drive convenient and easy.

Headlight Leveller

Adjust the headlight level as per your comfort. So whether your Spark is fully loaded with luggage or otherwise, its headlight leveller will give you just the right adjustment for a safe drive.

Glove Box

Ample storage space comes handy for your important documents and other essentials.

All 4 Power Windows

An added convenience that allows you to roll the windows up or down at the touch of a button. These have been incorporated into the rear seat windows as well, another feature unique to the Spark’s segment.

  • Chevrolet Spark - Chevy Interior Features
    All four power windows
  • Chevrolet Spark - AC Vent
    AC Vent

Safety Is Foremost

  • Chevrolet Spark - New Spark Car Safety Features
    Central high-mounted stop lamps to help keep you at a safe distance from cars behind.
  • New Spark Car Safety Features
    Drive safely in any weather with the stylish new fog lamps.

A dynamic, high strength body makes the all new Chevrolet Spark a powerful, resistant and protective cocoon that shelters you from dangers on the road. A number of advanced safety features normally reserved for upper segment vehicles find themselves in the Spark, allowing you to drive in complete comfort.

Stylish Fog Lamps

The trendy new fog lamps complement the exterior looks of the Spark and provide enhanced road visibility that add to safety in adverse and low visibility conditions.

Hexa-Longi Frame

For enhanced side protection, the Spark uses Tailor-Welded Blanks which are normally used only in upper-segment vehicles.

X-Pro Safety System

Also carried over from the original Spark to the New Spark is the focus on safety. 51 per cent of the total weight of the Spark’s body shell consists of high-strength steel, providing great rigidity and stability while lowering the weight. Use of tailor Welded Blanks in B- Pillars minimizes side impact intrusions, keeping occupants safe.

Rear Reflector Tail Lamps

This new added safety feature makes night drives so much safer, allowing you to be noticed by other cars on the road from a comfortable distance.

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