• Chevrolet Sail UVA Exterior
    The all new SAIL U-VA has a three-dimensional look.
  • Chevrolet Sail UVA Exterior OSRVM
    The alll new SAIL U-VA with its stylish individual electronically adjustable Outside Rear View Mirrors.
  • Chevrolet Sail UVA Exterior Back Light
    The rear window defogger will keep visibility high in all types of weather.
  • Chevrolet Sail UVA Exterior Front View
    The all new SAIL U-VA with the traditional dual port front grille and golden bowtie.
  • Chevrolet Sail UVA Alloy Wheels
    ABS + EBD technology will keep you safe on the road always.
  • Chevrolet Sail UVA Exterior Design
    The 'Safe Cage' in the all new SAIL U-VA is designed to give maximum protection.
  • Chevrolet Sail UVA Engine
    The 1.3 l SMARTECH Turbocharged DOHC Diesel Engine gives you unmatched power.
  • Chevrolet Sail UVA 6 Spoke Alloy Wheels
    The eye catching 12 spoke, 14 inch alloy wheels# boost its aggressive and sporty stance.
The all new SAIL U-VA has a three-dimensional look.