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Flex Flat Folding Rear Seat

Flex Flat Folding Rear Seat





Chevrolet SAIL U-VA - Celebrate A New Beginning

The Chevrolet SAIL U-VA is for those of you who want to celebrate how far you’ve reached and your desire to go even further.

With a host of features exclusive to its segment, the SAIL U-VA offers a generous package of features at a superb price. Its confident stance, captivating contours, and a stylish, flexible and incredibly spacious interior speak of understated elegance and big car comfort.

Go ahead and celebrate that new beginning!

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Confidence That Inspires

Crafted with a sharp attention to detail, the bold stance of the front, armed with a dual-port chrome grille and a Chevrolet golden bowtie make it clear that the all new SAIL U-VA is for those who want to stand out in a crowd. Its sporty aerodynamic contours, flared wheel arches, 'Hawk Wing' inspired headlamp design, muscular rear flanks and many other stylistic touches are indicative of classic European styling. A salute to the Chevrolet mantra of fresh, innovative and inspiring styling, the all new SAIL U-VA is another well-made decision in your path filled with new ideas and inspiring choices.

  • Chevrolet Sail U-VA Cars
    The all new SAIL U-VA with the traditional dual port front grille and golden bowtie.
  • Chevrolet Sail U-VA Exteriors Side View
    The all new SAIL U-VA showcases sporty aerodynamic contours.
Chevrolet Sail UVA Alloy Wheels

‘Shooting Star’ Inspired Front Fog Lamps

The ‘Shooting Star’ inspired design on the front fog lamps is sure to spark envy on the road, and provide top-notch visibility in all driving conditions.

‘Hawk Wing’ Inspired Front Headlamps

Complementing the impressive front stance, the ‘Hawk Wing’ inspired front headlamps significantly extend your angle of visibility, giving you a clear view of the road ahead.

Panoramic View

Get better front and overall visibility with panoramic view.

Wide-Opening Rear Door Design

The recessed Wide-Opening Rear Door Design enhances its sporty, clean look without sacrificing comfort and functionality, allowing passengers to slide in to the rear seats with ease.

In Your Comfort Zone

  • Chevrolet Sail U-VA Comfort Seating
    Stylish dual tone interiors give the all new SAIL U-VA an elegant look.
  • Chevrolet Sail U-VA Luggage Space
    There’s lots of space for everything in the all new SAIL U-VA.
  • Chevrolet Sail U-VA Interior Dashboard
    Well designed instrument cluster and central console.

The performance-inspired design elements on the exterior are exactly what you find once you get inside. Open the door, and the incredibly spacious and visually appealing cabin is the first thing that strikes you. Easily accommodating five people, the fresh interiors make the all new Chevrolet SAIL U-VA the perfect vehicle for long comfortable drives. The interior design achieves the perfect blend of comfort, sophistication and sporty styling. Hop in, admire the Corvette inspired dual-cockpit design with the stylish central instrument cluster, and immerse yourself in the visually stimulating plush dual-tone interiors. The incredible styling of the all new SAIL U-VA gives the highest priority to passenger comfort. When you’re ready, grab on to the racing design inspired V Style steering wheel, and get ready for the ride of your life!

All Four Power Windows

Centrally placed all four power window controls make it easy for you and your passengers to operate.

Smart & Spacious Design Philosophy

A ‘Smart and Spacious’ design philosophy ensures that every inch of space in the all new SAIL U-VA is used creatively and productively. A number of innovative features, including Remote Fuel Filler Release and Tailgate Release are among a host of great features.

Convenient Storage Spaces

The all new SAIL U-VA has more than 25 convenient and discreet storage spaces spread throughout the car, allowing you to easily place items that would come in handy whenever you’d need them. Let your MP3 player, cup holder and other items have their own designated place in the car.

  • Chevrolet Sail U-VA Spacious Car
    Smart & Spacious Design Philosophy

‘FLEX FLAT’ and 60:40 Folding Rear Seat

Now make those road trips like you dreamed they would be, and don’t miss a thing while you’re away from home. The ‘FLEX FLAT’ design allows the rear seats to be folded completely. The all new SAIL U-VA offers 1134 l of boot space with the rear seats folded down. With its 60:40 split folding rear seats you'll be able to find a configuration that's just right for you.

Boot opening - Broad On Width And Low On Height

The ergonomic design leaves you with a significantly larger boot, and also makes it easier to load and unload luggage into the boot.

Chevrolet Sail UVA Interiors

‘Fun-Wide Audio System’ – Bluetooth®^ enabled Music Streaming and Mobile Handsfree

Chevrolet Sail UVA Music System

For those who love their music, the all new SAIL U-VA has a special place for each and every one of them. It’s designed to keep up with those who move fast and like to stay connected. Now don’t bother carrying CD’s along with you wherever you go. Listen and sing along to your favourite music. With superior sound quality, it will be like listening to a home theatre. It allows you to pair up to 5 phones with audio system via Bluetooth®^, letting you stream music directly from your phone. With the added advantage of mobile handsfree.

AUX Input And USB Socket

An AUX input as well as a USB socket makes sure that you can play songs from whichever source you like, from your MP3 player or a pen drive. The USB port also allows you to charge your MP3 player simultaneously, giving you endless hours of playback.

Audio system

The all new SAIL U-VA audio system is equipped with a radio and CD player, and supports MP3 and WMA, making sure that none of your music gets left behind. Four speakers provide surround sound for a fantastic stadium like experience right inside your car.

Smarter. Faster. Better.

  • Chevrolet Sail Hatchback Exteriors Side View
    Smarter. Faster. Better.

The all new Chevrolet SAIL U-VA’s comprehensive system of safety and security technologies measures up to the highest standards. A high-strength steel ‘Safe Cage’ construction with crumple zones offers class-leading passenger protection. A steel frame surrounds a centrally mounted fuel tank, for added safety. Dual air bags in front, a collapsible steering column, antilock brakes with electronic brake-force distribution, child safety locks and a stronger child seat system are standard.

Chevrolet Sail UVA Petrol Diesel Engine.png

1.3 l SMARTECH Turbocharged DOHC Diesel Engine

The powerful 1.3 l SMARTECH turbocharged DOHC Diesel Engine offers a mind-boggling mileage of 22.1 kmpl*, another example of its sturdy and efficient reliability. Add to this a turbocharged power output of 78PS and 205Nm of undulated torque.

With the all new SAIL U-VA Diesel Engine you’re guaranteed a powerful and reliable engine, with low maintenance cost and incredibly high fuel efficiency.


1.2 l SMARTECH Petrol Engine   

With the 1.2 l Petrol variant, be assured of a silent, sturdy engine on a car with big ambitions and a modest price. With an impressive mileage of 18.2 kmpl*, a power output of 86PS and 113 Nm of Torque, the all new SAIL U-VA Petrol is impressive on the road and great value for money.


Designed For Safety

  • Chevrolet Sail U-VA Dual Airbags
    Dual front airbags ensure maximum protection.
  • Chevrolet Sail U-VA Safety Design
    The ‘Safe Cage’ structure is designed to provide maximum protection.

While crafting the perfect all-round performer for you, we also made sure that you’d be seated in one of the safest cars on the road. The all new SAIL U-VA’s safety design is a holistic and thorough package of features which protects all the passengers in case of a collision. A ‘Safe Cage’ structure protects passengers by dispersing the force of a collision through the body of the car. Features like ABS + EBD, Impact Proof Bumpers, Speed Sensitive Door Autolock and several other features come together to ensure one thing – that you always enjoy your drive with the knowledge that you’re in safe hands at all times.

Chevrolet Sail UVA Safety ABS.png

Dual Airbag

Available in the LS model, dual airbags ensures that you and your passenger remain safe in the event of a collision.

Child-Protection Rear Door Locks

We know how important the safety of your children is to you. The rear door locks carry a ‘child-lock’ feature that when activated, only allow the doors to be opened from the outside. This ensures that the doors are not unintentionally opened, especially while the car is in motion.


ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) and EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution) keep the car in control during braking on low friction surfaces (like wet or gravel surfaces) by preventing wheel locking. ABS + EBD are available starting from the LS ABS model onwards.

Engine Immobilizer with Central Door Locking

The powerfully effective security system of the all new SAIL U-VA comes with an Engine Immobilizer, which doesn’t allow the car to be started without the right key. Added to this is central door locking which allows all 4 doors of the car to be locked at the same time.

Remote Keyless Entry

Another unique feature of the all new SAIL U-VA is remote keyless entry, which places the power to unlock all doors solely in your hands, at a push of a control. This innovative safety feature takes the SAIL Hatchback a step further in ensuring safety and preventing theft.

Centrally Mounted Fuel Tank

We left no stones unturned when it came to safety. The fuel tank has been placed centrally in the car, thus protecting it from side-on collisions. An encapsulating “Cross Structure Design” fuel tank zone helps resist contact with the tank in case of any side impact.

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