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VCDi Engine

VCDi Engine



All New Chevrolet Cruze

Presenting the All New Chevrolet Cruze

It’s the rebirth you’ve been waiting for! The All New Cruze is here. With a new Dual Port Front Grille, now with Front and Side Airbags, New Alloy Wheels, Stunning New Dual Bezel Headlamps, Chrome Door Handles and the All Powerful 166 PS Engine, it’s got everything to set your heart racing.

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Turbo Charged And Ready To Own The Road

  • Turbo Charged And Ready To Own The Road

Dynamic aggression and chiseled looks apart, the Cruze is also a thinking man’s car, delivering an optimal balance between power and performance. Cruze is designed for people who need their car to be flexible – nimble around town, yet capable of unleashing unadulterated power on the highway. With driver focused controls and the most powerful and refined engine in its class+, it’s simply a pleasure to maneuver this beast around. A seamless blend of muscular appeal, spirited performance and refinement makes the Chevrolet Cruze a ‘dream machine’ that’s simply unmatched!

The 2.0 litre VCDi engine under the hood of the Chevrolet Cruze delivers an impressive 166 PS of unadulterated power on tap, making it the most powerful diesel car in its class+. Add to that 360 Nm of class+ redefining torque and the experience is simply exhilarating. The advanced Engine Management System, coupled with high-performance Variable Geometry Turbo-charged Common Rail Direct Injection (CRDI) system ensures breath-taking performance. Rev it and the Cruze is ready to growl. Try it!

Automatic Transmission

Chevrolet Cruze comes with an all-new 6-Speed Manual Transmission. A package for those who enjoy the stick-shift which lets you be in control - always. A refined hydraulic clutch system, high torque delivery, synchromesh gears and precise gear shifting ensure a spirited performance!

A 6-speed Automatic Transmission mated to the all-new 2.0 litre VCDi engine sets a new benchmark in refinement and driving comfort. Seamless gear changes mean superior acceleration off the block, instant torque delivery for effortless overtaking and the pleasure of power driving. The Electronic Automatic Transmission Control System offers a clutch-to-clutch shift operation for precision gear shifting. A widespread gear ratio ensures quicker getaways and a sixth gear for increased fuel economy at cruising speeds. Enjoy the power automatically!

Bold, Aggressive And Muscular

  • The 2.0 litre VCDi engine powers the Cruze through the streets.
    The 2.0 litre VCDi engine powers the Cruze through the streets.
  • The Cruze with the signature twin port front grille.
    The Cruze with the signature twin port front grille.

On the move or standing still, the All New Cruze with its refreshed styling chisels a lasting impression with its bold dynamism of form, aggressive stance, muscular shoulders and taut styling crease lines. From its dynamic coupe-like proportions to Chevrolet's signature twin port front grille with the gold Chevrolet bowtie, it is styling redefined. The jewel effect Samurai-eyed headlamps add that striking character to the Cruzes’ sporty front end. Muscular sides, chrome applique on the trunk lid and mesmerizing twin-port jewel effect tail lights highlight the design enchantment – making it one of the best luxury cars in India.

Excellent Ride And Handling!

  • Chevrolet Cruze - The perfect blend of power and class only with the Cruze
    The perfect blend of power and class only with the Cruze.
  • Chevrolet Cruze - The body frame integral design gives you solidity and stability
    The body frame integral design gives you solidity and stability.

With its specially engineered wider track, stiff body structure, quick-acting steering and braking system, the Cruze delivers advanced road handling, improved aerodynamic performance and greater sensitivity to set-up changes.


A gas- charged McPherson strut type front suspension, U-shaped rear suspension with torsion beams and gas charged shock absorber ensures a smooth and comfortable ride.


A hydraulic power rack-and-pinion power steering is tuned for more responsiveness with quick-reacting ratio.


A four-wheel disc brake set-up provides excellent stopping and stable braking capability. Along with ABS input from speed sensors you get reduced stopping distance, maximum stability and improved steering ability.

Safe, Sturdy And Mighty

With a full range of safety features usually found on more expensive luxury cars, the Cruze is styled and designed to pamper and protect you.

Side & Front Dual Airbags

Equipped with front dual airbags and side airbags, the All New Cruze enhances safety in case of high impact collision

Safety Cage

The strong and rigid “Safety Cage” has reinforced pillars with tubular bars, which provide optimum protection to passengers.

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

Electronic sensor based ABS provides excellent braking efficiency and shorter stopping distances, which assists better steering control, especially on slippery surfaces.

  • Safe, Sturdy And Mighty
    Safe, Sturdy And Mighty
Chevrolet Cruze - Airbags

Front and Rear Crumple Zone

Maximizes your safety by absorbing the impact energy in a collision.

Pedestrian Protection

A Pedestrian Protection design of the hood and relating hinge structures reduces the chance of pedestrian injury.

Child Seat Provision

Specifically designed to install a child seat in the rear seating area, the Cruze offers protection for children at all times. They can be secured in any of the three rear seats.

A Perfect Blend Luxury And Comfort

  • Chevrolet Cruze - Black leather seats offer unmatched comfort on the road
    Black leather seats offer unmatched comfort on the road.
  • Chevrolet Cruze - Stylish dual tone interiors for the power look
    Stylish dual tone interiors for the power look.
  • Chevrolet Cruze - Look your best always with the illuminated vanity mirror
    Look your best always with the illuminated vanity mirror.
  • Chevrolet Cruze - Automatically reduce glare for a safe drive at night
    Automatically reduce glare for a safe drive at night.

Inspired by the Corvette and engineered by imagination, the All New Cruze is every car lover’s true desire. With majestic dimensions, elegant interiors, Corvette inspired dual cockpit design, and the ergonomically designed steering wheel, the All New Chevrolet Cruze perfectly blends the magic of design and the sheer pleasure of driving.

When you get inside

When you get inside the All New Chevrolet Cruze sedan, you're immediately struck by the plush, luxurious interiors of the car. The ice-blue ambient lighting enhances this, as do:

Jet Black Leather Interiors

Classy, elegant and comfortable. Once you slip into the plush black leather interiors you will know what a comfortable and luxurious ride truly means.

Integrated Centre Stack

An advanced integrated centre panel with graphic infotainment display, radio and HVAC controls.

Three Spoke Steering Wheel

A thicker, ergonomic rim design helps you maneuver with more ease than you could have ever imagined.

Bluetooth Music Streaming

The All New Cruze offers yet another feature that combines style with convenience. A sleek, no-wire experience for the car audio enthusiast. Just turn your Bluetooth on to get to the beat and the rhythm.

USB Port

The USB Port allows you to take your digital music with you wherever you go.

Premium Speakers

Get an enhanced musical experience with state of the art speaker system.

  • Chevrolet Cruze - Cruze Car Safety Features
    Listen to your favorite music with Bluetooth music streaming technology.
  • Chevrolet Cruze - Cruze Car Safety Features
    The integrated center stack with the latest infotainment display, radio and HVAC controls.
  • Chevrolet Cruze - Cruze Car Safety Features
    Push button start, cruise control and rain sensing wipers make the Cruze a dream to drive.
  • Chevrolet Cruze - Cruze Car Safety Features
    Push button start, cruise control and rain sensing wipers make the Cruze a dream to drive.

Auto-Dimming Inside Rear View Mirror

Rule the roads at night with this all new safety feature. The rear view mirror automatically takes care of the blinding glares of headlights behind you.

6-Way Power Adjustable Driving Seat

Body Contour Hugging 6-Way Power Adjustable Seat means you are comfortably in command always.

Cruise Control

Steering mounted controls automatically control the speed for a pleasurable highway drive.

Passive Entry Passive Start (PEPS)

Automatically control the central locking system, anti-theft alarm and ignition. Together with the push-button start, it ensures a complete keyless experience.

Three-Gauge Instrument Cluster

A sophisticated ice-blue dash illumination and centre-positioned information display provides every little detail that you will ever need to turn your daily rides into joy rides. Information like odometer reading, average fuel consumption and speed are displayed in digital text for your convenience.

In addition, the All New Cruze is spacious. There's room to seat five adults in comfort – as well as 450l of boot space.


+ Class taken as Hyundai Elantra, Skoda Laura, Toyota Corolla Altis, Renault Fluence and Volkswagen Jetta.


They’re making statements across the globe. From Asia to the Americas, Europe to Australia, over 3 million people are getting behind the wheel of a Chevrolet Cruze and creating their own unique possibilities.

They’re making the decision to stand apart from the boring subcompact crowd in Chevrolet’s first truly global car. Engineers from Germany, the U.S. and Korea all came together to design the Chevrolet Cruze. And they tested it on diverse European roads to make sure it achieves the sophisticated blend of agility and comfort that can handle new roads everywhere they lead.

It’s a singular vision for a global reinterpretation of the traditional sedan. From its dramatic styling and decidedly upscale interior, to fuel efficiency that saves money in every currency, Chevrolet Cruze has captured 3 million hearts and minds in over 118 countries. That’s a huge achievement for a car that’s only been on the market for a few years. But for the car made for possibilities, it’s only the beginning.

Learn more about the stylish Chevrolet Cruze and the impressive 3 million milestone here.

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