In addition to your original warranty, we offer an extended warranty that gives you an additional 2 years of coverage. Not only does it protect you longer, it may also increase the resale value of your vehicle should you decide to sell (because the warranty stays with the vehicle). Offering an extended warranty is yet another way Chevrolet Complete Care gives you the peace of mind you need when buying, owning or selling a vehicle.


The benefits of our extended warranty include:

  • Peace of mind for an additional 2 years
  • Genuine repairs, including workmanship and genuine Chevrolet parts
  • Coverage of all major parts (engine, gear box, brakes, electrical items, etc.)
  • Flexibility to purchase up to 24 months from date of sale and less than 1,00,000 Kms* of your standard warranty
  • Applicable to private vehicles**

*As per standard warranty mileage
**Extended warranty policy is not applicable to commercial vehicle

Chevrolet Extended Warranty


High-quality genuine Chevrolet Parts are original equipment parts specifically designed, made and tested to help you keep your Chevrolet vehicle running at peak performance. Your Chevrolet trained technicians know precisely which parts your Chevrolet vehicle needs — rely on us to maintain your Chevrolet with the same parts used to build it.