Ever since man started setting out on journeys, long or short, there’s one thing that’s common - They all want to reach their destinations safely.

At Chevrolet, this has inspired us for over a hundred years, to build cars that are safe for you and your family. However, while we make our cars safer, the roads are becoming increasingly unsafe, with accidents claiming more and more lives every day.

Our efforts are towards making our roads less hazardous to drive or step onto. We sincerely hope you will join us on this journey to safer roads.


At Chevrolet, we take child safety extremely seriously and strive to ensure that children are safe in the car and on the roads.

Child Safety Initiative, as a part of Chevrolet India’s Drive With Care, aims at getting all children travelling in cars to fasten their seat belts as well as infants to remain in car seats. We began our focus on raising the issue of child safety by educating parents about the importance of using car seats.

Here’s how you can ensure your child’s safety while travelling:

Always use a proper car seat

Apply brakes gently for anything that distracts you

Always have an adult supervise the child

Kids at the back should always wear a seat belt

Refrain from using a pre-used child car seat

Never take your eyes off the road

Never leave your child alone in the car

Children at the back should never share a seat belt

Hard toys can injure the child during a crash


As a part of Chevrolet India’s Drive with Care initiative, we joined hands with The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways and SIAM in the National Safety Week which took place from 9th-15th January 2017. Our primary goal was to create safer roads for everyone by making them realize the importance of pedestrian safety. We reached many people by setting up Promise Walls at workshops across the country and encouraged them to take the promise to make roads safe for everyone. Together, we raised as many as 2000 promises.


The number of road mishaps goes up each monsoon, as people are busy avoiding getting wet rather than concentrating on the road. As a part of Chevrolet India’s Drive With Care initiative, the Lost In The Rain campaign was about behavior behind the wheel that contributes to the safety of all on and around roads. We want everyone to arrive home and at their destinations safely and therefore with Lost In The Rain campaign, our aim was to make road safety a top-of-the-mind recall during monsoons. We painted safety messages saying 'Drive With Care' with hydrophobic paint and stencils. The innovative hydrophobic paint was only visible when wet.

Brake early to avoid collision

Turn on headlights for better visibility

Beware of hydroplaning

Do not speed

Never use mobile phones while driving

At Chevrolet we care. Join us in our Drive for Safer Roads.

*The list of Dos & Don’ts and safety instructions is not an exhaustive list of safety tips for drivers, pedestrians and vehicles.